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  • The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting — March 17-19, 2016  Atlanta, GA


  • Oregon Dental Association Meeting     April 8, 2016  Portland, OR 


  • Oklahoma Dental Association Meeting   April 15-16, 2016  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


  • Ontario Dental Association Annual Meeting    May 5, 2016  Toronto, ON   Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Perio:  An approach that can change lives.  


  • Ontario Dental Association Annual Meeting  May 6, 2016  A Better Periodontal Debridement Protocol:  Hands on Training! 


  • JDIQ  May 30, 2016  Practical Periodontics:  What to Use, What to Say, What to Do


  • ADHA CLL 2016 June 9, 2016  Pittsbugh, PA  Hands on- Maximizing the Potential of Ultrasonics:  What to Use and How to Use It Effectively


  • Southwest Dental Conference  August 11-13, 2016  Dallas, TX   


  • Northwest Dental Exposition September 30, 2016  Edmonton, Alberta A Better Periodontal Debridement Protocol and Better Outcomes Through Host Modulation


  • Utah ADHA October 7, 2016  West Valley City, UT  The New Periodontics


  • VCU Fall Wine Weekend  October 14-15, 2016 Wintergreen, VA  The Language of Medicine Dental Professionals


  • University of Washington October 28-29, 2016 Seattle Washington  The New Wellness Approach to Perio and Finally! Demystifying Periodontal Debridement: Exactly what to use and how to use it


  • SOKY Hygiene November 11, 2016  Bowling Green, KY  It's Not About Floss-It's About Wellness


  • Pennsylvania Dental Association November 16, 2016  Danville, PA  A Better Perio Debridement Protocol and A Comprehensive Perio Program for General Dentists


  • University of Toronto  December 9-10, 2016  Toronto, ON 


  • Rutgers School of Dental Medicine December 11, 2016  Newark, NJ  The American Academy of Implant Dentistry MaxiCourse


  • ITI December 16, 2016  Montreal QC


  • Chicago Midwinter February 23-25, 2017 Chicago, IL


  • Hinman Dental Meeting 2018  Atlanta, GA









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